Dial M For Murder – Crew Spotlight – Grace Semedo Mendes

Check out our interview with one of the “Dial M” team – Grace Semedo Mendes!

Grace Semedo Mendes

Grace Semedo Mendes

1. How did you get started volunteering for theatres?

I’m passionate about theatre and as my day job is far from anything related to this area, I needed a little more creativity in my life. Three years ago, 2 friends of mine decided to create a non-profit theatre company in order to raise money to help children in hospitals (mainly by financing some equipment) and help with medical researches on rare diseases (by donating money). I offered my help and ended up acting in the shows, helping with stage management, with grant writing and doing the administrative work.

  1. What is your favourite part of volunteering in theatre?

What I like about volunteering for theatre companies is to be around people that share the same passion for theatre as me. I also like the fact that there is so much to do that you can get involved in a lot of different positions.

  1. Any advice for other people looking to volunteer in this field ?

« Just do it » 🙂

  1. What are you most excited for in regards to “Dial M For Murder”?

I can’t wait to work for this show and see the actual results. That would be my first time volunteering in Toronto so I am excited about every aspects of the show as everything is new to me!

We here at Bygone are thrilled to have Grace on board for “Dial M For Murder”! Stay tuned for more cast and crew spotlights!


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