Dial M For Murder – Actor Spotlight – Ian McGarrett

Ian is playing various small roles in “Dial M For Murder”, including Thompson, and all the voices heard over the phone or radio. This is Ian’s first production with Bygone.

Ian McGarrett aka Thompson

Ian McGarrett aka Thompson

1. How did you get started in theatre?
I never really have gotten started in theatre. A spear carrier in Aida. One of several disembodied hands wielding a cardboard dagger in an avant garde production best left unremembered.  The guy at the concession stand during intemission at the Tarragon for a couple of seasons. More of the same. Not so much a start as a drift into theatre.

2. What is your favourite part of the creative process?
I like seeing the mechanics and the logistics of putting together a production, being able to enjoy both the process and the finished product. Like knowing how a magic trick is accomplished and being able to better appreciate the skills of the magician executing it.

3. What are some challenges you face as an actor?
I haven’t a clue. Figuring that out is in itself a challenge. I think I’ll stick to background and blissful ignorance.

4 thoughts on “Dial M For Murder – Actor Spotlight – Ian McGarrett

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  3. Ian! You are my most favorite actor in the world! I am your number on fan (Frank and Nanc can be 2nd and 3rd…lol) WTG.

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