Dial M For Murder – Crew Spotlight – Michael Bazzocchi

Michael has worked with Director Emily Dix before, but this is his first time working with Bygone Theatre. Michael is one of our set designers for “Dial M For Murder”.

Set Designer Michael Bazzocchi.

Set Designer Michael Bazzocchi.

Bio: Michael Bazzocchi has been designing sets for international competition and theatre for the past five years. He is beginning a Masters of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto, having just completed an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering (BASc in Eng.Sci) at U of T. Most recently, Michael’s set design for a cloud factory received 1st Place at the Destination Imagination Global Finals competition for its unique incorporation of mechanical movement and bubbles into a 16ft tall semi-trapezium dome. Michael has experience designing sets for a variety of architectural and theatrical styles including large artistic set pieces in the Victorian, Gothic, Greek and Seussical styles.  He particularly enjoys enhancing dramatic performances through the innovative incorporation of mechanical components into his set designs. In his spare time Michael also enjoys doing community service. Michael is the current President and one of the founding members of the Trek for Teens Foundation for homeless youth. Michael is very excited to be involved in Bygone Theatre’s production of Dial M for Murder and looks forward to working with the cast and production team to develop a very entertaining and professional show.

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