Dial M For Murder – OPENING NIGHT!

Tonight is the night! Join us at the Robert Gill Theatre for the opening night of Bygone Theatre’s “Dial M For Murder”. Directed by Emily Dix, produced by Matt McGrath, fight direction by Alexis Budd, stage managed by Jayden Hsueh, costumes by Karen Henderson and Emily Dix, set design by Mike Bazzocchi and Jackie McClelland, sound design by Nicole Byblow, lighting design by Teo Barclu and Reg Matson, with production assistance by Janice Li. Starring Leete Stetson, Rebekah Manella, Kenton Blythe, Reg Matson, Jason Manella and Ian McGarrett.

We have an opening night gala in the lobby from 7:00-8:00pm. Free food and drinks, lots of displays that detail the rehearsal process and highlight the cast and crew, and a chance to meet some of the crew members! If you’ve purchased your tickets in advance, you can join us after the show at Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge for the after-party; more free food and some cheap drinks!

Hope to see you there!


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