FOR SALE – Flats and Couch from “Dial M For Murder”

We are selling the flats we recently used in “Dial M For Murder”. There are 12 in total:

– Seven 4’x8′ standard flats (3 have small holes in them; two where there were light switches, and one near the bottom where a cord ran through, should be easy to patch)
– Two 4’x8′ door flats (white doors)
– Two L-shaped flats (could mount french doors inside or leave open for room archway)
– One window flat (brick finish. small paned window)
– All flats are currently painted olive green and have white baseboard and crown molding, they are very light-weight, made of 2’x2x’s and particle board. We have a small bit of the green paint left if you wanted to keep the colour and do touch-ups

We also have some wood that you can use for jacks:

– Thirty-six pieces of 2’x2’x4′
– Twenty-eight pieces of 2’x2’x8′

For all the flats and the wood we are asking for $400. NEW LOWER PRICE: $300. This is a great deal if you are looking to make a realistic set and want to get everything at once. They are currently stored at Lansdowne and Dupont – we cannot deliver.

Flats for sale

NEW Flats for sale

Flats for sale - window flat

Flats for sale – window flat

We are also selling the mid-century style couch from the show. The back folds down and can be made into a double-sized bed. A few of the springs are broken so it is no longer the most comfortable to sit on, but it makes a great set piece for something in the 1950s or 60s. We are asking $300 for the couch.

The legs can screw off for easy transport.

Comes from a smoke free, bedbug free location. Only about 2 years old.

Originally cost about $650.

We’re not really sure on the weight, it can easily be carried by two people.

Couch for sale

Couch for sale

Email us at if you are interested.


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