Liza Lou: Bead INSANITY!

This is so brilliant and unique. I’ve been thinking about beads a lot lately as one of our future shows (still a secret for now) will be set in the 1920s, and I’ve been pondering costume designs. I’d never thought of using them in set design before, but now this has me inspired to find other ways to incorpate them! Love it!

Incandescent Art

visual artist liza lou uses millions of tiny glass beads as her art medium, completely canvassing entire surfaces and objects in a labyrinth of sparking specks. she expands on conventional interpretation of sculpture and  installation by saturating her mock environments in intricately hand-crafted detail. born in new york, lou founded a studio collective in 2005 in south africa, where the traditional craft of beadwork still thrives. although she does not explicitly use african beading practices in her art, she works with zulu artisans there who have worked with bead art for generations.


lou’s first major work was ‘kitchen and backyard’ which defined her sensibility and style. over a period of five years, lou created a full-scale replica of a suburban kitchen with every element completely covered in millions of hand-glued glass beads — a package of potato chips, dirty dishes in the sink, and the cabinetry facade. the complexity of…

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