Scenery Build – Aged Poster

A very clever way to make an aged poster! Will have to keep this concept in mind for future shows. Also more than a little jealous that she has access to a 3D printer! Love to try one of those some day.

Anya Kordecki

To create the effect of an aged poster I decided to layer newsprint painted in different colours onto the flattage before painting the final poster. I built up the layers using PVA and Supersaturated Rosco paints.

IMG_4449 IMG_4450

After the under-layers were completed, I set to work painting a section of an old poster. Due to the dystopian theme of the story, I wanted the poster to be a face that loomed over passersby.


When I was happy with the top layer, I coated it with PVA and then started to tear off sections that I had left loose from the layers beneath. I then used a brown wash to further age the poster.


I wanted the sides of the scenery piece to look like a girder, so I used a 3D printer to make rivets, used a glue-gun to fix them to the MDF sides and then painted over them…

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