Retro Radio Hour: Holiday Special – Performer Spotlight – Geoff Kolomayz

Artistic Director Emily Dix first met Geoff when working as the costume designer for Two Wolves Theatre’s production of “Sundance” for the 2012 Toronto Fringe. Impressed by his acting, she invited him to be a part of the first “Retro Radio Hour” and is thrilled to have him back for the Holiday Special. Be sure to check out his blog and his website for updates on all his projects.

Geoff Kolomayz

Geoff Kolomayz

What made you want to be a part of Bygone Theatre’s “Retro Radio Hour: Holiday Special”?
Well I don’t remember how I heard about the first Retro Radio Hour reading series, but I had such fun last time I was climbing over people to come out and do it again.

What is your favourite  holiday tv special?
Every year I diligently, because I love them, watch the stop motion animated classics Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  These hold some of my earliest memories of what Christmas is.  Sitting down with hot chocolate and family to watch the TV special and ramp up my imagination of everything Christmas.  It still hits me.  Of course I now include A Christmas Story in that annual watching.

What is your fondest holiday memory?
I could never sleep on Christmas Eve. Really, I was up to 6am.  So sitting at the top of stairs waiting for Santa to arrive.

What is your most embarrassing holiday memory?
Ever try on boxer shorts for family to make sure the gift from England fits? Don’t try it.

Why should everyone come to see “Retro Radio Hour”?
What more could you ask for, a night of old school radio plays to set the mood and bring back the nostalgia of Christmas’ past.  Come out for the fun, the drink, the nostalgia and friends.

Be sure to check out Geoff and all our other talented performers on Saturday November 30th, 8pm at the Winchester Kitchen. Tickets are only $5! Check out our event page for details.

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