Rope – Cast Spotlight – Ian McGarrett

Time for another Cast Spotlight! Ian McGarrett plays retired professor Dr. Kentley in our upcoming production of Rope. Just last year Ian performed for the first time onstage in our production of Dial M For Murder, and now is back again for another “killer” show! Here’s what he has to say so far;

What first attracted you to  Bygone Theatre and this production of Rope?
 I learned a lot and had a great deal of fun working on Bygone Theatre’s production of Dial ‘M’ for Murder. Towards the end of that production Emily mentioned she wanted to put on a production of Rope and her enthusiasm for it got me initially interested. When I saw that it was actually going to happen I was tempted to contact Bygone and see if they had cast Dr. Kentley even though I had a prior commitment which might interfere. Fortunately, my procrastination wasn’t punished. Emily emailed me and, well, how could I say no.
What have you done to prepare for your role?
I grew a beard. Or rather, I didn’t shave the beard I grew for a role in another production I am in.

What has been your favourite part of the rehearsal process so far?
I like rehearsals because I get to see the production developing and coming together.

Why should everyone come and see Rope?
 Who doesn’t like a good story about murder?
Rope runs November 21-29th, 2014 at the Gibson House Museum. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased through TO Tix. Seating is extremely limited, so ordering in advance is encouraged. For more show information check us out on facebook or twitter, or see our website.

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