Kill Sister, Kill! A Musical – Crew Spotlight – Associate Producer, Tea Nguyen

Associate Producer Tea Nguyen joined the team about a month ago, coming into a project that has been steadily pumping along since October 2014. We asked her for some insights on the show and her process.

Some people would be intimidated by joining a team late. The team has already created bonds, had great moments together and they have the ball rolling. In joining the team, there was a slight moment of panic, as there is any project. Luckily, Kid Switchblade and Bygone Theatre has welcomed me onboard with open arms. As their associate producer, I work under Emily Dix. This will be my second time under her care and I must say, I’m very excited to return to New York with her to do our second New York International Fringe show. The show is dark, comical and tells a great story about two girls who have grown up under the grace of God and have gone in complete opposite directions in life. If you are squeamish or have a small stomach for gore, this isn’t the show for you. Watching these talented actors is so inspiring. We had a full day of learning stunt choreography and they gave it their all. Blood sweat and more sweat (referring to Thomas, playing Ronnie). They are eager to learn, thriving to do well and hungry to perform. I’m quite excited to see it all put together, yet enjoying the journey along the way.


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