Friends of Bygone – Kenton Blythe in “Evil Dead: The Musical”

The very talented Kenton Blythe played Max Halliday in our recent production of “Dial M For Murder”. Kenton was recently cast in “Evil Dead: The Musical”, set to play in Toronto before moving on to the US. Our buddy took a few moments out of his very busy schedule to tell us a little more about his show, check it out and get your tickets soon! I know we will!
Kenton Blythe as Max Halliday, photo by Danielle Son

Kenton Blythe as Max Halliday, photo by Danielle Son

What is your role in “Evil Dead: The Musical”?
Ed/Evil Moose/Ash u/s

Give us the company’s history – how and why did it get started?
I’m not entirely sure, but they are helping produce Cats, and they also put on Potted Potter.

Give us a quick run-down of “Evil Dead”
Evil Dead the Musical is a musical adaptation of the Sam Raimi cult classic Evil Dead franchise. It follows a group of college students as they travel to an old cabin in the woods and reawaken an ancient evil that possesses them one by one. Ash, originally played by cult icon Bruce Campbell in the movies, must fend off his former friends and find a way to seal the evil up again once and for all.

What has been your favourite part of working on “Evil Dead”?
It’s been an amazing experience and very difficult to narrow down a single favorite part, but I’ll say working with the material and some of the original creative team has been amazing for me. The cast is also unbelievably amazing. SHOUT OUT!

Any fun rehearsal/performance stories or anecdotes you’d like to share?EvilDead-splashEvil Puns are a theme in rehearsal. I take credit for starting this.

Where and when can everyone see the show?
The show hits Toronto October 23rd at the Randolph Theatre (formally Bathurst Street Theatre) and tickets can be purchased here

Anything else we should know?
Anything you want to know about the show can be found on its website