Crew Spotlight: Emily Dix

25.pngEmily Dix is the Artistic Executive Director of Bygone Theatre, and is directing, stage managing, designing and producing His Girl Friday. Emily has produced all of Bygone’s shows and directed 5 of the 6, with this now being her 7th.

Bio: Emily Dix is a Toronto based theatre artist, a “jack of all trades” who has worked as a director, producer, stage manager, set & costume designer and performer. In 2008 she moved to the city to attend UofT and quickly became involved with companies on campus, like Victoria College Drama, the UC Follies, St. Mike’s Drama and Hart House Theatre. In 2012, she founded Bygone Theatre, a company which she still runs today as the Artistic Executive Director. Emily has worked as a producer for Theatre 20 and as the assistant producer at Tarragon Theatre, as well as a production assistant for Poculi Ludique Societas, the PR Manager for the Social Capital Theatre, and numerous other freelance positions. In addition to her work in theatre, Emily is a vintage lover and avid collector. She owns an Etsy shop, Tucked Away Antiques, that specializes in small vintage items and digital downloads. Emily has also dabbled in design, making web sites and posters for local artists. For past credits and more information, visit her website,

What made you want to mount His Girl Friday?

While not a conscious decision, I realized that all of the shows Bygone had mounted so far were either dramas, or at the very least rather dark comedies. I never intended for us to stick to style like that so when I was planning our 2016/17 season I knew I wanted a comedy. I had a list of several that had caught my eye, but one day I stumbled across a list of films that were currently in the public domain, and couldn’t believe His Girl Friday was one of them! I was going to write the adaptation myself, but my uncle, Craig Dix, had recently sent me a radio of script of his he’d done, so I asked him if he’d like to do it, and the answer was an enthusiastic “yes”. It’s a great story, with a large and diverse cast, strong female lead AND in the public domain – how could I not want to put it on?

What do you love about the show?

It really is very funny. I love the fast-paced dialogue and the opportunity for cheesy, over-the-top humour. While there are certainly complications with having such a large cast, I did want to be able to include a lot of people, so the size of it appeals to me as well. Plus, I love stories that include a great romance, without it being the central part of the story. It keeps things endearing but not sappy, and makes for a plot everyone can enjoy.

Which role – director, producer, designer, stage manger – have you found most challenging? Why?

I think with this one, I’d have to say director, simply because of the size of the cast. While I did the first round of auditions very early December, it took a very long time to get everything cast; I’m glad I held out for the right actors, but it has been stressful not having the whole group. As producer, it’s always stressful because there is a lot of money on the line, but I feel like I’ve done it enough by now that I have a pretty solid idea of what it takes, and just look at past show reports to calm myself when I start worrying about whether we’ll be able to make rent.

What has been the most rewarding part of the process so far?

Seeing the advances the cast has made. Like I said, big show, lots of fast-talking dialogue, it’s not an easy play. It’s exhausting, especially for the leads. But I’ve got an amazingly talented cast, and every rehearsal they’re leaps and bounds above where they were before, so it’s super fun and rewarding to see them get comfortable in their roles and play with a lot of the silliness that is there in the script. It’s going to be a funny show.

Why should people come and see the show?

It’s so much fun. Fast-paced, goofy, it’ll have you laughing and on the edge of your seat. Not to mention we’ve got a huge cast, so if you’re in the local theatre scene, chances are you know someone involved! Come out and support Toronto Theatre.

Anything else we should know?

Sadly, it’s a very limited engagement, just one weekend. So there are only 5 chances for the public to come and see the show; Thursday March 2, 8:00pm; Friday March 3, 8:00pm; Saturday March 4, 2:00pm and 8:00pm; Sunday March 5, 2:00pm. We encourage you to buy your tickets in advance, which can be done through the Native Earth box office, at Hope to see you there!

Retro Radio Hour: Holiday Special – Performer Spotlight – Maja Rakocevic

Maja first worked with Bygone back in November of 2012 when she auditioned for, and won the role of Sister James in “Doubt: A Parable”. She joined us again for our first Retro Radio Hour in May 2013, and we’re thrilled to have had so many chances to work with her this past year!

Maja Rakocevic

Maja Rakocevic

What made you want to be a part of Bygone Theatre’s “Retro Radio Hour: Holiday Special”?
I was so excited to work on Bygone Theatre’s “Retro Radio Hour: Holiday Special” because I love working with the fine folks of Bygone, and because it’s a great way to get into the holiday mood! These tunes and vintage radio shows cheer me right up.

What is your favourite holiday movie?
My favourite holiday movie is Home Alone 3 – it is an all-time family favourite…so much so in fact, that I have yet to watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2! I will get on that this year.

What is your fondest holiday memory?
My fondest Christmas memory has got to be that one perfect Christmas where everyone was home, everyone was happy, it was the sunniest winter day..and there was a healthy pile of Christmas presents (all gift wrapped, with bows and ribbons on top too)!

What is your most awkward/funny/embarrassing holiday memory?
As for an awkward/embarrassing moment, that’s easy enough: it was the year I kept encouraging my younger sister to deeply question Santa’s background…many tears were cast at the end of that investigation.

What are you most excited for in regards to “Retro Radio Hour”? and/or Why should everyone come to see “Retro Radio Hour”?
I’m so excited to present “Retro Radio Hour” to my friends: the live music and songs will melt your frozen hearts! Hope to see you there!


Be sure to check out Maja and all the other fabulous performers on Saturday November 30th at the Winchester Kitchen; check out our event page for details.

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