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Bygone Theatre is a Toronto based theatre collective. Our production team is elbow deep molding John Patrick Shanleys’ Doubt: A Parable into a masterful theatrical experience outside of a traditional theatre environment. The actors will be trapped under the stained glass of UC’s ornate East Hall just as the characters find themselves trapped by church hierarchy in their quest to reveal a priest’s potential predations.

Join us here at the the Bygone Blog to find out about the adventure of the rehearsal process and just about anything else we come across in Toronto’s vibrant theatre community.

And come see Doubt: A Parable at the UC East Hall 15 Kings College Crescent, January 17th to 19th. Performances at 8pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with a saturday matinee at 2pm. Tickets are $20 for adults $12 for Students and Seniors.

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