Volunteer Position: Student Promotions and Social Media Intern

Bygone Theatre is looking for our next intern as part of our Youth Outreach initiative! Janice Li was our most recent volunteer, working as a Production Assistant; she worked on “Dial M For Murder” as an Assistant Stage Manager and helped build the set, creating our fabulous brick wall all by herself!

Right now we’re in-between shows, so we’re looking for someone to help with more general company stuff, especially with promotions and expanding our social media presence. The ideal candidate will be:

  1. A Toronto high school student
  2. Interested in and passionate about theatre and the arts
  3. knowledgable of social media platforms (ie. facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, wordpress, pinterest etc)
  4. Reliable and responsible
  5. Full of energy with a positive attitude and willingness to learn

What is key here is not so much experience as attitude; we are happy to share anything we know and hopefully you can teach us some things too!

While hours are extremely flexible, we do require a time commitment of a minimum of 3 months, as responsibilities will include maintaining (and possibly creating) social media accounts leading up until at least our November fundraiser.

We are open to adjusting the position to suit the students interests and needs; production based positions will be available closer to our next show, and students who assist out in other areas before then will be given preference.

This is a non-paying position, and a great way to earn your volunteer hours! Students who complete their tasks competently are welcome to use us as references or ask for a formal reference letter.


If you’re interested in being involved, send your cover letter (explaining what relevant skills you have and why you want to be involved) and resume to bygonetheatre@hotmail.ca . We will contact potential candidates for interviews. Feel free to email us with any questions as well!


Dial M For Murder – Crew Spotlight – Janice Li

Janice Li is our Production Intern and helping out behind-the-scenes on “Dial M For Murder”.

Production Assistant Janice Li.
Production Assistant Janice Li.


Janice graduated high school this year, and is going to Sheridan College in the fall. She hopes to work as a production designer  for film one day. She spends her spare time doodling and re-watching the X-Men trilogy.

1. How did you get started with production assisting?

With Bygone Theatre, to be honest. This is my first time working as a production assistant.

2. What is your favourite part of the creative process?

Whatever part involves hands-on stuff.

3. What are some challenges you face working as a production assistant?

Working on a theatre production for the first time, and learning the ropes!

4. Any advice for other people looking to pursue production assisting?

Google is your best friend. Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

5. What are you most excited for in regards to “Dial M For Murder”?

All of it.

Dial M For Murder – Tracking the Production Process

So much goes into the production of a show. From administrative work like budgeting and scheduling, to work on set, costumes, props advertising, fundraising, makeup – it’s almost endless.

So for our next production, “Dial M For Murder”, I’ve decided to do regular posts that focus on particular elements of the production process, highlighting both the cost and time spent, as well as some little tricks-of-the-trade that we pick up along the way.

If there’s an area of production you are curious about, ask us! And we’ll make it the focus of one of our blogs.