PRESS RELEASE – Bygone Theatre Presents THE BIRDS

Bygone Theatre brings a thrilling new drama to the historic Hart House Theatre

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TORONTO, ON (Tuesday October 4, 2022), this November, see Bygone Theatre’s return to live theatre with the opening of a classic story wholly reimagined for the stage and our times. Written and directed by Emily Dix (BWT Best Director of an Equity Play, The Rear Window), THE BIRDS is a new psychological thriller inspired by the Daphne DuMaurier short story and Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name.

New York socialite Daphne Daniels is headed to an old family cottage for a weekend of R&R with her brother and husband, but when her husband is unexpectedly delayed and their neighbours turn out to be Daphne’s old flame and his new girl, tensions run high. Things take a bizarre turn when reports of violent bird attacks start flooding the airwaves and the sudden crisis brings out everyone’s deepest fears and darkest convictions. Inspired by the toll isolation and political propaganda took on many during the past few years of the global COVID-19 pandemic, The Birds examines what happens when the line between truth and paranoia becomes dangerously blurred.

Starring Anna Douglas (Mrs. America, FX) as Daphne Daniels and Alex Clay (The Rear Window) as her brother, David Harper; Oliver Georgiou (Sweet Action Theatre) as her ex-boyfriend, Mitch Brenner; Kiera Publicover (Arrowwood Theatre) as his new gal, Annie Hawthorne; and Chad Allen (The Expanse) as the gruff but helpful caretaker, Hank. Made possible through a partnership with Hart House Theatre as venue sponsor.

BYGONE THEATRE Toronto’s Best Live Theatre (Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards)
VENUE SPONSOR Hart House Theatre
PERFORMING AT Hart House Theatre, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto
SHOW DATES November 25 – Dec. 10 | Wednesdays – Saturdays, Saturday matinees
PREVIEW Friday Nov. 25, 8pm | OPENING NIGHT AND GALA Sat. Nov. 26, 8pm, 10pm Gala
RECOMMENDED FOR Ages 13+ | Mature themes, simulated violence, use of stage blood

Artistic Executive Director
647-343-5965 |


Indie Unite – A Place To Post About Local Theatre

With the Toronto Fringe just around the corner, many are likely lamenting the recent loss of Mooney on Theatre, and the major cuts made to papers like NOW Magazine, as it means even fewer opportunities to get reviewers out to see indie shows.

I make a habit of reviewing nearly every show I see, and while I don’t kid myself that my reviews are going to make or break any production, I have seen the quotes used by smaller shows that have not managed to get any other reviewers out: we all know the importance of a good pull quote, and so with that in mind, we started the Indie Unite part of this blog.

Indie Unite is a place to share reviews of local (GTA) indie theatre. Simple as that. If there is enough interest shown we may one day expand into a blog of its own, but for now Bygone is dedicating a page to posting reviews from anyone who wants to review.

We do not have the money or ability to run a fully-fledged review site, so this is where you all come in. If you saw a show and want to post a review, send it to us and we’ll get it up there. If you have a show you want a reviewer for, we’ll post a call. We just ask for a few basic things to make sure this goes smoothly:

For your review to be accepted, it must include the following:
  1. Title: Must be formatted in the following manner:
    A Play by John Doe/Theatre Company at The Theatre.
    That is, write the title, the author and/or producer and the location the show is being performed at.
  2. Photo: Must include a minimum of 1 high-res photo, ideally of the show, could be a poster if none are available, and be sure to supply any needed credits.
  3. Show Info: there must be at least 1 more performance occurring more than 24 hours after you submit this review (always send as early as possible so we have time to post), and you must list the remaining performances, the theatre location with address, and a link to learn more about the production and/or buy tickets.
  4. Your Info: you must include your name and a brief bio (even if only a sentence) that situates you as a reviewer – why are we interested in your review? Are you an actor? A theatre lover? Whatever it is, give the reader a bit of context. You’re encouraged to supply a headshot as well and may link to a personal website if you wish.

Reviews should be 3-5 paragraphs long, and while I will give a quick glance to edit for spelling and grammar, I ask that you take the time to do so yourself as well. I encourage you to write at least one sentence that is purely positive, even if you hated the show – I’ve seen some bad theatre in my time but there’s always something good you can say and having that quote can really help a struggling production out. That said, please be honest in your review, even if that means saying it wasn’t very good.

If you would like to have us post a call for a reviewer, send us the following:
  1. Basic Show Info: the title, producer, author, time and place – all the basics
  2. A Brief Synopsis: 1-2 sentences about what the show is
  3. How Many Reviewers You Will Allow: anyone can review your show anytime, but if you are comping reviewers let us know how many you are willing to do that for
  4. Special Notes: are there any trigger warnings? Accessibility issues? Are you looking for a reviewer with a particular background or knowledge?
  5. Contact Info: we are not organizing this for you, just sharing your info. So please provide a way for potential reviewers to contact you to arrange tickets

So let’s see how this goes! Hopefully we can get some more people out seeing indie theatre, and we can share the word about the great shows we see. To submit reviews or requests please email with the subject line: Review for SHOW – Date of Performance.


Vintage-Inspired Gifts for the Makeup Lover

Vintage-inspired gifts for the makeup & beauty lover on your list!

1. Glamorous Faux Lashes:
Besame Cosmetics

Fashion photography's reluctant poster boy - BBC Culture
For years I wondered how I could accomplish this look without filling my eyes with melted wax.
Bésames Decades of Lashes: 1920s,30s,40s,50s & 60s styles

ABOUT: “Longing to bring back the simple glamour of her grandmother’s beauty routine, designer and cosmetics historian Gabriela Hernandez started Bésame Cosmetics.  Founded in 2004, Bésame Cosmetics has gained a cult following with our meticulously designed, historically inspired, and highly pigmented cosmetics that surpass expectations.  

Our simple yet luxurious formulations are made with pride and a labor of love for Gabriela, each one being 100% cruelty-free and created for sensitive skin. They do not contain gluten, parabens, or mineral oils. Owned and operated by Gabriela and her family, all products are produced locally in California with Gabriela overseeing every batch. All Bésame products are long-wearing, minimal waste, and packaged to be displayed proudly.”


SOCIAL IMPACT: While Bésame is based in the US, it is still a female-lead, family run business, and they create cruelty-free makeup in a range of shades meant to suit all skin colours. Buying from the US can get a little pricey, but luckily our very own Gigi’s House Of Frills carries some of their products, so be sure to check her out before ordering online. Then you can support local as well!

WHAT WE LIKE: Bésame has a wide range of vintage beauty products and all of them are great, but I chose to share these because they are unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s not hard to find a vintage shade of red lipstick, and a fair number of companies make a powder that can give you that Hollywood glamour look, but this is the only place I have seen faux eyelashes made to suit a decade, and when I saw the 1920s ones, my mouth dropped open. I’ve been wanting a way to emulate that style since my early teens.

2. Cosmetics Made With Authentic Vintage Recipes:
LBCC Historical

1936 Velour Setting Powder Matte Face Powder Vintage Face image 4
Face powder made from the exact 1936 recipe, this one is perfect for pale skin.

ABOUT: “Welcome to our shop. We specialize in researching and reproducing historical Apothecary & Cosmetics products. Our recipes are extracted from the historical archives and were used by our ancestors. We carry everything from historical hair care, to ancient salves that will heal even the worst wounds and sore muscles. Our ingredients are 100% top quality, natural, and almost always organic. If you have any questions or have a historical family recipe that you want replicated please feel free to inquire.

In my spare time ( which isn’t very often) I replicate Historical clothing for museums, forts, and interpreters. I specialize in custom orders and authentic recreations for your reenactment and museum needs. I have been replicating historical clothing and reenacting for 25 years. If you find a picture of a museum piece, please feel free to inquire if I am taking orders. I have pieces in many Museums and Forts across the US and world wide.”


SOCIAL IMPACT: This small, female owned and operated business is preserving vintage and antique recipes, the products they make come in reusable or recyclable materials, and they are cruelty free and mostly organic.

WHAT WE LIKE: I’ve talked about this brand before as I have many good things to say about them. I love that they use the real historic recipes and the reproduction labels make for an adorable addition to a vanity table. At the moment all their face powders are for lighter skinned folks (I suspect those recipes are easier to find), but they are frequently adding new products, and their other categories do have a little something for everyone.

3. A Vintage Beauty Parlour Experience:
Vintage Mrs Ree’s Beauty Parlour

ABOUT: “Mrs Rees’ Vintage Beauty Parlour is a  Glamorous Old-Hollywood style salon for Ladies. This is a salon created around old ideals when women went to the Salon and men went to Barbershop… It’s a place to feel comfortable while receiving the highest quality services with the best products in world. It’s a time to relax and pamper yourself ~ it’s a place you can feel at home! Its a piece of luxury where YOU are the centre of my attention! You’ll go back in time in atmosphere but be pampered with all the latest techniques and products… it’s an experience you won’t forget and will want to share with all the girls you know!”


SOCIAL IMPACT: Another woman-led business, they use natural, earth-friendly products.

WHAT WE LIKE: I had to go hunting for this place, so I don’t know much about it, but I’m glad it exists. There are several British stylists I follow online and wish I could see to do my hair, but for some reason the same is very hard to find in Canada. This is a bit of a stretch on a list about makeup, I know, but I think this could be a whole “night out” experience with a friend: do each other’s makeup, go get your hair done, special memories for sure.

4. Vintage Beauty Supplies:
Makeup Compacts

1960s Revlon compact  vintage midcentury face powder compact image 1
This one is from CinnamonGirlStuff on Etsy, but vintage compacts can be found al over.

ABOUT: A vintage compact is a lovely gift because you have such a variety to choose from. You can look on Etsy or eBay, or stop in just about any vintage shop and find one to your liking. Prices and styles range so you’re sure to find something for your someone.

PRICE RANGE: $-$$$ (there are highly collectible ones out there that can cost a pretty penny, but I would plan on spending between $20-$60 for a nice one for the average person).

SOCIAL IMPACT: Go green by shopping vintage! And if you can, support a local business.

WHAT WE LIKE: If you carry a purse, you can use a compact. And if you change your purse with your outfits, you can probably use several. They can also sit and look lovely on a nightstand or vanity, and while these are traditionally an item for women, there’s no fitting or anything that needs to be considered, so really this can be a gift for anyone!

5. Reusable Makeup Removers:
Handmade by AVO

Black Flower Reusable Organic Cotton Rounds Organic Facial image 1
I chose these for the pretty vintage floral pattern, but you can get these many places or make them yourself!

ABOUT: These small, washable pads are made to replace one-use cotton pads that are very non-eco-friendly. You can find them many places, often with pretty patterns like these, or even make them yourself.


SOCIAL IMPACT: They keep cotton pads out of the landfill, and require so little fabric you can make them with scraps, helping to cut down on textile waste as well.

WHAT WE LIKE: I actually prefer these to cotton pads because they don’t tear up and leave bits of fluff on your eyelashes. When I first saw them my only concern was how often I’d need to clean them, but honestly they’re usually so cheap I would get a weeks worth, change daily, and toss them in with whatever laundry you have at the end of the week. I’ve been meaning to make some with some of my vintage scraps – I’ll post them when I do!

Have something else you think should be on our list?
Let us know in the comments.